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Posted on 2008.05.19 at 16:43
I hate you for evoking feelings out of me.


I hate you for giving me a conscience.


Where is my mind?

Posted on 2007.03.24 at 00:16
I think I really do hate people. Just in general. The species is pretty disgusting, really, if you think about it.

The ability to communicate is so viral. Like a sinus infection lined with mucus that continually drips into and out of ever orphus.

why do we allow others insight into our minds...and furthmore what makes the words we decide to fabricate gramatical phrases with worth hearing.

doesnt it ever occure to you that not only are you NOT who you think you are. and the person that you want to be would fucking hate who you really are.

also. I'm better than you. I finally believe.

oh and also, you aren't hardcore. and never will be. but i will still allow you to pretned like you are. and then pretend like you don't think you are.

Posted on 2007.03.23 at 17:34
wow you guys are all so punk rock, hip, intellectual, unique and worldly. oh wait no you're not. you're just like everyone else. get over it.

p.s. no one cares.

Posted on 2006.12.17 at 14:52
Last night I met a really cute boy. He was wearing a dress jacket. He made me an art project. And stole a lighter for me. And we made googly eyes.

and then the passenger window to my car committed suicide on I-94.

and then I laughed harder then i have in a really long time and it felt really good.

Posted on 2006.11.28 at 19:33
I was on a movie shoot all weekend. It was insane. and amazing.

It's funny how many people try to be pretentious art assholes, but the people who work their asses off and actually have a right to be pretentious art assholes, arn't at all.


Hollie in my place for lighting or something...probably so i can smoke a cigarette.

Posted on 2006.09.25 at 22:19
I'm really insecure about my relationships with people. and i hate it.

Posted on 2006.09.12 at 02:20
I love my friends. They are the best.

Posted on 2006.09.01 at 22:27
fuck. everything.


I'm pulling an Izzy.

Posted on 2006.07.14 at 19:02

Posted on 2006.05.07 at 00:10
you know that feeling when you are about to cry. that feeling that you are trying so hard to hold back the tears. to act normal like nothing is wrong. to put a smile on your face and not let your eyes swell with tears. thats kinda how i feel now. except all the time.

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